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Sleep Disorder Facts
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Our Mission

Our mission is to make the health benefit of high quality sleep equally accessible to all individuals, families, communities regardless of socioeconomic status, environment, and gender identity. 

We Are Patient Led 
Focused on Chicagoland Area (Not Aligned)
Building Community and Resources (Not Aligned)

Sleep Disorders By The Numbers  Estimated in the United States


Sleep Apnea (5)


Insomnia (6)


Restless Leg

Syndrome (RLS) (8)



Of the 80 different sleep disorders, these are the most common. 

Sleep Disorders

Awareness and Education
Choose Your Own Path
1. Pick a sleep disorder and
2. Click the button to see the level of information you want

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Sleep Equity Project seeks to provide education and awareness with a special focus on underserved populations with an emphasis on minorities and women.

We are offering a unique experience in choosing your own journey where you can pick:

  1. The specific sleep disorder

Sleep Apnea


Restless Leg Syndrome


     2. The level of information you want

Just the Basics

Give Me Facts and References

Power Patient Level

Each basic section will provide education about chronic health conditions which are seen with that sleep disorder, gender specific information, and resources.

Below is our basic section on sleep apnea or


Note: This site is still under construction.  We are still a small organization.  Please excuse any errors.  Our resources page is still being developed.  If you have copy writing skills and have some time, please see the take action to volunteer.


This site is intended for informational purposes only.  It should not be taken for medical advise.  Please consult your physician before you make any changes to your sleep treatment

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