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What is healthy sleep? “Healthy sleep requires adequate duration, good quality, appropriate timing and regularity, and the absence of sleep disturbances or disorders. (15)


As a result of socioeconomic status and environmental factors, underserved populations are disproportionally impacted by health disparities.  Undiagnosed sleep disorders and insufficient sleep have an influence on those disparities.   The result is higher disease burden, earlier mortality, lower quality of life, and contributing to financial medical debt.

Sleep Equity Project seeks to identify and refine issue which can be addressed on a variety of levels (Individual, Family, Community, Societal).  Dr. Paula Braveman, et al cited that "effective public policy requires clear and contextually relevant operational definitions to support the development of objectives and specific targets, determine priorities for use of limited resources, and assess progress." (16)  This will be a guiding concept of Sleep Equity Project as we go through our process of identifying, refining and prioritizing our core issues.


Access, Affordability, Health Equity, and Patient Safety

Our focus on specific issues all fall under one of these core issues faced by underserved people in the area of sleep.  


Our next steps are to:

1. Identify and refine issues which impacts sleep equity

2. Determine if developing programing or an advocacy agenda is appropriate

3. Seek partners to collaborate (patients, organizations, practitioners, caregiver, industry)

4. Explore funding sources to support the development of programing

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