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Sleep disorders and co-occurring major chronic health conditions have a disproportionate impact on underserved populations.

Sleep disorders are under recognized as a co-occurring health condition with many major chronic health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, and eye conditions. The impact this is magnified in underserved populations who suffer disproportionally from major chronic health conditions due to socioeconomic and environmental factors.

The Link Between Social Determinants of Health, Sleep, and Cardiovascular Disease,.3.aspx

Sleep as a Potential Fundamental Contributor to Cardiovascular Health Disparities
Chandra L. Jackson, PhD, MS, Susan Redline, MD, MPH, and Karen M. Emmons, PhD

Redefining Cardiovascular Health to Include Sleep: Prospective Associations With Cardiovascular Disease in the MESA Sleep Study

Sleep Duration and Quality: Impact on Lifestyle Behaviors and Cardiometabolic Health
A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association
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Sleep Duration and Cardiovascular Health in a Representative Community Population (from NHANES, 2005 to 2016)
Long and short sleep associated with heart conditions

cardiovascular Disease in Women Across the Lifespan: The Importance of Sleep

Eye Related Conditions
Liver conditions

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